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About Us

Pleier Corporation products have been used by 1000s of auditors in 100 countries to increase effectiveness.

In 1986 Pleier Corporation was founded (as Pleier & Associates) by Joseph (Joe) R. Pleier MBA, medicine CCP – click for details – President of Pleier Corporation to provide professional quality cost-effective software to auditors at a time when there was severe need and a low-cost platform was infiltrating every part of corporations in the form of microcomputers.

As soon a portable (lugable) PC-compatible computer was available in the early 1980’s Joe purchased one with his own funds and quickly realized the productivity gains of a dedicated computer with spreadsheet, generic database, stuff and wordprocessing capability.

With his experience as an audit manager, senior I.S. systems auditor, and systems analyst Joe recognized the need throughout the audit community for an off-the-shelf application for planning, time reporting, recommendation tracking, and personnel management.

In 1985 he presented a seminar titled Using Microcomputers for Auditing for the Orange County Chapter of The Institute of Internal Auditors in which he predicated some of an audit department’s usage of microcomputers including the functions of 5-year planning, time reporting,  recommendations tracking, and personnel management.  At the end of the presentation attendees started discussing these possibilities.  Many agreed that such systems would be desirable, that it would be difficult to take the time from audits to develop software on a microcomputer, and that they would need to continue maintaining current mainframe-based systems.  One attendees suggested that Joe develop the type of software that he talked about.  This was the beginning of the evolution of a new breed of off-the-shelf cost-effective audit management system.

Late in 1985 Joe decided to leave his corporation to use his own programming skills and partnering to develop Audit Department Manager (ADM) later titled ADM PLUS.   He displayed ADM PLUS at many vendor exhibits and delivered numerous seminars for organizations, including being a speaker at numerous conferences and seminars for organizations including the American Management Association, Data Processing Management Association, Institute of Internal Auditors, Information Systems Audit and Control Association, and Institute of Canadian Chartered Accountants.

As auditors learned about ADM PLUS 100s of organizations purchased ADM PLUS and began to realize significant increases in productivity.  Using partnering a number of significant new releases were developed.

In 1999 hearing feedback from the audit community requesting additional cost-effective tools we started to publish cost-effective publications using contributed articles and other materials.  Later that year we started to partner with audit professionals to publish cost-effective audit publications. These authors now include Robert E. Davis, Muhammad Akram Khan, Michael Lapelosa, John J. McKeever, David McNamee, Alan Oliphant, and John D. Tongren.  We are continually seeking new authors to add to this list.

Michael Pleier – click for details joined Pleier Corporation in 2000.  Michael has a B.S. in Information technology and an MS in Information Security.  Michael brought in-house many capabilities previously outsourced enhancing these capabilities.  He also added IT capabilities including ecommerce, downloadable products, multimedia capabilities, improved customer online interface, autoexecution of programs, and numerous other IT-related capabilities.

In 2006 Pleier Corporation partnered with Contemporary Business Concepts to develop professional quality review material in the forms of on-site training, workbooks, CD-ROMs, downloads, and online practice tests.  These products are designed to help customers pass the IIA CCSA Exam and later the IIA CRMA Exam.  Over 2100 copies of this study material were sold in 100 countries.  The number of products sold continues to grow.

Your feedback is always appreciated.  Contact us by email at pleier@pleier.com or telephone (949) 830-1575 USA 9 to 4 Monday through Friday California time to discuss these possibilities further.

Thank you for your consideration,


Joseph R. Pleier