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David McNamee Classics

Internal Auditing: Basics and Best Practices

Initial training of junior level auditor or refresher training any auditor – a field-tested, structured, and interesting approach with 85 PowerPoint slides and 87-page workbook.

Risk Management and Risk Assessment

Risk Management, Fraud, CSA – 84 PowerPoint slides, 258 pages of workbook, and 37 pages of documents – bonus 125-page “Simple Samples for Auditors”

Achieving Auditor Excellence

Audit Skills to Succeed, New Economy, and Audit Metrics – 328 PowerPoint slides, 22 pages of workbook, and 51 pages of documents.

Auditing Purchasing and Contracts

Audit Planning, Purchasing Department Audits, Performance, and Benchmarking – 33 PowerPoint slides, 461 pages of workbook, and 10-page document.

Auditing Fraud

Increase the level of awareness of an organization to the presence of actual and potential Fraud including financial losses – 46 PowerPoint slides and 284 pages of documents.

Control Self-Assessment

Control Frameworks, CSA Agenda, CSA Tools, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MTBI) Test – 47 pages of workbook and 326 pages of documents.

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