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Tongren Seminar Series

Tongren Seminar Series

John D. Tongren is a specialist in management control processes and the impact of technology on their effectiveness. His 30 years of experience as both a practitioner and trainer have earned him international recognition for his expertise in the audit and control aspects of information systems as well as his visionary perspective on contemporary internal audit issues.  John originated The CoActive Management Model, The CoActive Control Principles and The CoActive Audit Principles.  He is active in the total quality movement as well as the development and audit of quality systems.

Operational Auditing: Adding Value to Organizations

Operational auditing is undergoing a transformation from a very broadly defined “audit of unit activities, systems,and controls within an enterprise to reach economic, efficiency, effectiveness, or other objectives” to a highly-focused assessment of organization risk, capability, and performance.   Traditional audit steps such as preliminary surveys are being replaced by collaborative risk assessment.   This seminar shows how Internal Audit can benefit from this transformation

Exceeding Expectations for Internal Auditors

Internal Audit is a business, and if we want to succeed in our business we need to delight our customers.  We have to not only meet but even exceed the expectations of our customers.  So how do Internal Auditors do that?  How can we possibly get people pleased and delighted about being audited?  Well, that is a very good question – and this seminar helps with answers.

Transitioning: Internal Audit to Internal Assurance

Here are thought-provoking and practical ideas how internal audit can create additional value for an organization by transitioning to Internal Assurance using contemporary tools providing a wide range of assurance, consulting, and compliance services.

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