Auditing IT Infrastructures

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Alan Oliphant
Mair International

Alan is a highly experienced IT Audit and Information Security Management professional with a unique international experience across a wide range of industry sectors. He possesses excellent communication skills and has the ability to communicate complex business and technological issues in plain language to a wide audience. Alan prefers to operate at a strategic level and is strongly self-motivated. He is best known for always delivering what is promised and is constantly looking for professional challenges.

Alan has reviewed numerous audit situations as an independent consultant providing Internal Audit, Computer Auditing, and Information Security consulting advice and training for various clients in Africa, Indian Ocean area, Europe and Asia including the Governments of Latvia and Afghanistan.

The Institute of Internal Auditors ranks Alan as the most popular author on the IIA's IT Audit Forum, continually receiving letters to the editor praising his insightful work.

He has been an active member of several Professional Societies including:

·         Member of the Institute of Internal Auditors Advanced Technology Committee where he is one of the most active, knowledgeable, and productive members

·         British Computer Society

·         Chartered Accountants in Scotland IT Committee

·         Member of British Standards Committee on Information Security


Alan has a Bachelors of Engineering from Liverpool University and a Master of Business Administration from Open University

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Auditing IT Infrastructures

This 160-page publication is designed specifically for

1) Internal Audit Professionals who have a basic knowledge of IT Auditing Concepts and would like expand that knowledge,

2) Experienced IT auditors looking for suggestions to improve their auditing process, and

3) Audit managers who would like additional insight to the IT infrastructure and the audit issues there.

This workbook includes Audit information about the following:

Introduction to Auditing IT Infrastructures

            Policies and Standards

Organisation (or Organization) and Management

            Physical Security


Auditing Operating Systems


            Data Handling



System Files

Supervisory Privileges

                        General Operating Systems Issues

Auditing the Control and Security of Networks

            High Level Audit Issues

            Physical Network Components

            Wide Area Networks (WANs)

Local Area Networks (LANs)


Network Systems Audit

Auditing in the Internet Environment

            Physical Connections



            Intrusion Testing


            Electronic Commerce

Auditing Database Management Systems

            What a Databases is

            Types of Databases

            Data Dictionaries

            Controls Provided by the DBMS

            Application Dependent Controls

            Audit Considerations

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