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McKeever CRMA Study System downloadable version:

1) The McKeever CRMA Study system is $175
2) The McKeever CRMA Practice Test is $200
3) The McKeever CRMA Study system with Practice Test is $300 (items 1 and 2 at a  savings of $75)
4) The McKeever CRMA Study System Professional Version is $595 (item 3 above with numerous additional references)
Please review the detail demo at
Note: in case you missed it The IIA announced significant changes effective in October that appear to make the CRMA certificate more difficult to acquire - see the web site - including:

1) requiring passing CIA exam parts 1, 2, 3 - currently requires only part 1

2) ​125 questions (multiple-choice, up to 50% advanced-format) - currently ​100 multiple-choice questions

3) proficiency in risk management knowledge - currently ​basic and proficient

4) ​150 minutes time - currently 120 minutes

5) ​5 years of business experience required, with a minimum of 2 years in internal auditing or its equivalent - currently 2 years of audit or controls-related business experience

We are recommending applicants take the CRMA Exam prior to October using both the McKeever and IIA study materials.

summerSpecial: Until September 15 we are offering a 20% discount for all classic titles below. Email to a list of titles to receive an invoice and instructions.

We offer digital versions of the classic titles listed below:

Price         ISBN                         Title                               

$ 95          978-0-9743029-2-8   Auditing Fraud - click here for details                   

$ 95          978-0-9743029-1-1   Control Self Assessment - click here for details                

$ 95          978-0-9743029-6-6   Modern Integrated Audit Approach - click here for details       

$ 95          978-0-9743029-7-3   Risk Management and Risk Assessment - click here for details   

$ 95           978-1-935133-01-8   A Practitioner’s Guide to Corruption Auditing - click here for details                

$ 95           978-1-935133-02-5   Achieving Auditor Excellence  - click here for details   

$120          978-1-935133-05-6   Exceeding Expectations for Internal Auditors - click here for details   

$ 95           978-1-935133-06-3   Internal Auditing: Basics & Best Practices - click here for details    

$ 95            978-1-935133-11-7   IT Auditing: IT Outsourcing - Balancing Risk vs. Reward - click here for details                    

$ 95            978-1-935133-12-4   IT Auditing: New Systems - click here for details                               

$ 95            978-1-935133-14-8   IT Auditing: The Basics - click here for details                         

$180           978-1-935133-17-9   Operational Auditing: Adding Value to Organizations - click here for details                  

$150            978-1-935133-18-6   Transition: Internal Audit to Internal Assurance - click here for details                  

$125            978-1-935133-21-6   A Practitioner’s Guide to Performance Auditing - click here for details