This module is designed to work with both the Application Questions module and Domain modules and.

Review each question you see in either module.

Answer that question the best that you can.

Then check your answer and read the explanation for that question in this module.

This process both reinforces your understanding of the material and improves your test-taking technique.

6. During a recent risk assessment exercise, utilizing a team of process owners, a discussion of how to address the interrelationship risk among the processes began to escalate. It seems that the process owners could not agree on the risks that should be addressed. What was most likely a reason for this lack of focus?


the process owners do not understand the consequences of risk


the process owners do not understand the overall objectives of the processes


the process owners should identify, measure, and prioritize the risks


the process owners should work in smaller teams to discuss risks in the individual processes then work as a group

Answer b. is the correct answer. Answers c. & d. are not relevant to this question. Answer a. would seem like a reasonable choice especially since the word risk is included in the answer statement. However, the question implies that an interrelationship of risk among processes is being discussed and not agreed upon. This would mean that there was a lack of understanding of the overall objectives. Now answer a. is very specific. However, it only implies that the team does not understand the consequences of risk. It does not indicate that this is the risk relative to the interrelationship among processes. Watch the wording and think about the answers before making a quick choice.