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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the McKeever CRMA Study System and the McKeever CRMA Practice Test

The McKeever CRMA study material consists of 2 parts - both are available separately and combined:

1) McKeever CRMA Study System consists of 460 pages of review material covering all CRMA Exam domains.  It includes over 300 sample questions with detailed answers stating what the correct answer is, why that answer is correct, and why other answers are not correct.  This is designed to review all domains using text and sample questions.  This is available as paperback workbook, CD-ROM, online, and download versions.

2) McKeever CRMA Practice Test consists of 200 sample questions
with detailed answers stating what the correct answer is, why that answer is correct, and why other answers are not correct.  These questions, different for those in the McKeever CRMA Study System, are presented interactively.  This includes software to provide detailed feedback about each question, overall scoring, and suggestion whether to take the CRMA Exam at that point.  This is available online with an option to download all of the question material and software.

The best way to review both products is to see:

You can purchase
McKeever CRMA Study System with Practice Test to access both at one online portal (the same location, userid, and password).

Does CRMA work with my iPad?

YES, both the "McKeever CRMA Study System" and "McKeever CRMA Practice Test" work with an iPad and most mobile devices.

You should use the Demo version to make certain.

Do you ship to my country?

We deliver digital versions (download and online) to all countries after payment by purchasing card, credit card, or wire transfer.

There are a very few countries, including Russia and
Brazil, where we do not ship CD-ROMs and workbooks because of importation difficulty.

How much does the McKeever CRMA study material cost?

The price of the Study System is USD $175 for workbook, CD, online, or download.  The CD, online, and download copies include the workbook in Acrobat PDF format. 

The price of the Practice Test is USD $150 for the online version that includes a download of the entire Practice Test. 

There are many cost-saving combination also available.

All versions can be ordered at
the Pleier Online Store at

How quickly can I get a copy of the McKeever CRMA study material?

If you order an online or download copy you will receive instruction no later that the next business day and you can access or download immediately.

If you order a copy containing a workbook or CD that copy will be shipped the next business day.

How do I order a downloadable version?

To order a "downloadable version" of the CRMA Study System and/or Practice Test just order an online version.  All online versions include a downloadable version. 

To order related combinations with other products then order the CD-ROM version and then choose the download option for shipping.

By the next business day you will receive instruction to use in downloading a CD image (EXE) and Acrobat PDF file.

How much time should I plan to study before taking the CRMA Exam?

The time required varies widely depending on the background of the individual including such diverse factors as depth of knowledge of risk management theory; knowledge of various standards applicable to risk management; knowledge of the many areas of organizations addressed by risk management in a wide variety of situations; general business background; and comfort with test-taking

Are the questions in the McKeever CRMA study material the same as those on actual IIA CRMA Exams?


The actual questions on the CRMA exam are confidential. We do not use actual question, accept any feedback that includes information about actual questions, or review questions that will be submitted for possible inclusion on a CRMA Exam.

The questions are developed by John J. McKeever using his expertise as a CRMA, vast experience with risk management in a wide-variety of situation, and expert training including his worldwide distributed McKeever CCSA Study System and McKeever CCSA Practice Test.

What happens after 6 month access to the Online versions?

The userid and password you receive expire 6 month after the sale.

Within that 6 months you can download the entire set of material that never expires 1) a self-extracting CD image (EXE) file and 2) PDFs.

Good luck on the CRMA Exam!