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David McNamee has thirty years experience in audit and data systems, including previous experience as a Director of Internal Audit at a multi-billion dollar corporation.  He is President of his own consulting firm, Management Control Concepts, to offer his expertise in internal audit and risk management to others for the past dozen years.

David McNamee has been a frequent invited speaker at international and regional internal auditing conferences on the topics of ethics, risk assessment, and internal audit management, as well as local chapter meetings and seminars for the IIA, AGA, ISACA and others.  He is the author of many articles in professional internal auditing journals, including an award-winning research paper on resolving ethical problems.  In addition, he has authored several books published by the IIA on risk assessment, procurement and operational auditing.  He has been active in the Institute of Internal Auditors at the local and international levels.

David McNamee is a Certified Internal Auditor, a Certified Information Systems Auditor, a Certified Fraud Examiner, and a Certified Government Financial Manager.  He has contributed to improving the audit function with industry, government and not-for profit organizations all over the world. 

David McNamee holds a Master of Science in Telecommunications Management, a Master of Business Administration, and a Certificate in Purchasing Management.  He has taught Financial Accounting at the Santa Clara University Graduate School of Business and is an invited lecturer in Auditing at San Francisco State University and at universities in New Zealand and Australia.  For seven years he was an instructor in the CIA Review Course sponsored by the San Francisco Chapter of the IIA.

David McNamee Classics

This combination consists of the following CD-ROM titles “Auditing Purchasing and Contracts”, “Internal Auditing: Basics and Best Practices”, “Risk Management and Risk Assessment”, “Achieving Auditor Excellence”, “Auditing Fraud”, and “Control Self Assessment” - approximately 800 PowerPoint slides, 1000 pages of workbook, and 150 pages of documents. 

In these electronic publications David McNamee shares with us the vast amount of knowledge he has gained in his 30 years experience in these areas.

Purchasers of this set of CD-ROM’s pay $175.00 less than purchasing these CD-ROM’s individually.

“Internal Auditing: Basics and Best Practices” - initial training of junior level auditor or refresher training any auditor – a field-tested, structured, and interesting approach with 85 PowerPoint slides and 87-page workbook. - see http://www.pleier.com/basicbest.htm

“Risk Management and Risk Assessment” - Risk Management, Fraud, CSA - 80 PowerPoint slides, 120-pages of workbook, and 40 pages of documents -  bonus 125 page "Simple Samples for Auditors" workbook - a course in  itself. - see http://www.pleier.com/rmra.htm

“Achieving Auditor Excellence” - Audit Skills to Succeed, New Economy, and Audit Metrics - over 300 PowerPoint slides and 80 pages of documents. - see http://www.pleier.com/auditorexcellence.htm

“Auditing Purchasing and Contracts” - Tips and techniques for Audit Planning, Purchasing Department Audits, Performance, and Benchmarking – 30 PowerPoint slides and over 450 pages of workbook. - see http://www.pleier.com/apc.html

"Auditing Fraud” - increase the level of awareness of an organization to the presence of actual and potential Fraud including financial losses - over 300 PowerPoint slides and 45 pages of documents. - see http://www.pleier.com/Fraud.htm

“Control Self Assessment” - Control Frameworks, CSA Agenda, CSA Tools, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MTBI) Test - over 350 pages of workbooks. - see http://www.pleier.com/csa.htm

“Achieving Auditor Excellence”, “Control Self Assessment”, and “Risk Management and Risk Assessment” are also excellent additional references for those using the "McKeever CRMA Study System" and "McKeever CCSA Study System"to pass the IIA CRMA and CCSA exams.

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