ADM PLUS Training

View and print the On-line Manual using Acrobat Reader

View the On-line Manual using Acrobat Reader

    Following are handouts from the ADM PLUS training portion of an ADM PLUS User Conference.

The sound files were recorded live at the conference and are usable to learn how to use ADM PLUS more effectively.

If using the portal we suggest that you download all sound files listed below to your desktop where you can then double-click each one in turn to hear the file. We also suggest that you print version 2.ppt and ExploringADMPLUSpower.doc to use as a reference as you listen to the sound files.  When the audio file mentions files that are on a CD these files are instead available on the portal.

    1) PowerPoint Presentation - version 2.ppt

Intro.wav – covers the material on the PowerPoint presentation

    2) Exploring the Power - ExploringADMPLUSpower.doc

GettingStarted.wav – covers ADM PLUS overall with emphasis on the importance of the Utilities features - pages 5 – 21

LRP–Risk.wav - covers the features on long range planning and risk management - pages 22 -36

PPC.wav - covers the features of time reporting and analysis; costing and billing; and scheduling
- pages 37 -50

Recommend.wav - covers the features of recommendation tracking and cost recovery
-  pages 51 - 61

   Exec.wav - covers the features of reporting to executive management and boards of directors
                – pages 61 – 64

   Personnel.wav - covers the features of personnel management – pages 65 – 69

   CAE.wav – covers the features of consolidation, archiving, exporting page 72 & 76

   Scheduling.wav - covers the features of visual scheduling – pages 73 – 74

   Security.wav - covers the features of security - page 75

3) Hands-on ADM PLUS Workshop

HandsonADMPLUS.doc contains 67 pages of case studies to use while learning to use ADM PLUS on a self-study basis.   This handout  helps you to apply the material learned by providing a number of case studies that you can input to ADM PLUS using the Demonstration data in a production or evaluation version of ADM PLUS.

Workshop1.wav provides an introduction to the self-study case studies with emphasis on ADM PLUS initial setup, installation, long range planning, and risk management.  After listening to this audio file and reviewing pages 1 to 11 of HandsonADMPLUS.doc implement the case studies contained on pages 12 to 67.  Then review Workshop2.wav.

Workshopsummary.wav provides a discussion of some of the challenges you discovered in working through the case studies on pages 12 to 67 of HandsonADMPLUS.doc.

4) Case Studies by users of ADM PLUS


Our special thanks to Michael J. Head, CPA, CMA, CISA, the General Auditor of Ameritrade for permitting the publication of this case study.

Ameritrade.wav describes how effective automation enhances productivity throughout the Audit Department and reviews the process Michael Head used to automate his new Audit Department at Ameritrade using ADM PLUS as a key automation tool.  Click the following links to review detailed material as described by Michael Head in this sound file. 

  View PowerPoint Presentation
  View biography
  View 11 Handouts


Our special thanks to Dick Beecroft Chief of the Toronto Transit Commission for permitting the publication of this case study.

TTC.wav describes how Dick Beecroft improved the productivity of his Audit Department by using ADM PLUS to provide the management information needed to manage effectively in a continually changing environment.  He offers a number of very useful suggestions useful for every Chief Audit Executive.

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    As always, your feedback would be most appreciated.

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